Product Warranty

WPS - World Parts Service

Domestic Warranty Terms; All the products are under the guarantee of the importer company. The products are guaranteed for the sales within Turkey within the period determined by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the relevant product groups. For overseas sales, the warranty conditions of that country apply.

In order for the product to be covered by the warranty: As of 01.01.2016 all our products are under guarantee the product must be accompanied by a description of the fault, the box and the contents of the binding, and for the simple faults to be issued, approval must be obtained by telephone. The product you receive from our company is considered to be a Warranty Certificate.

So you do not lose your bills in shopping. Copy of the invoice should be made and sent with the returned product.

You are required to deliver your product return shipments to your dealer. Our dealers are also able to send refund requests to ANKARA CARGO, which we have agreed to for the South East and Central Anatolia region and for all regions with ARAS CARGO